Michigan Group Funding Republican Swift Boat Attacks Against WI Assembly Candidates

Oct 06, 2008

All Children Matter Fined $5.2 Million in Ohiofor Illegal Campaigning for Republicans

MADISON – All Children Matter, a Michigan-based special interest group that was fined $5.2 million for illegally assisting Republicans in Ohio, has returned to Wisconsin with a series of negative mailings designed to help Republican Assembly candidates.

“All Children Matter is a shady out-of-state organization that will do whatever it takes to help elect Republicans, including breaking the law,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Now they are back in Wisconsin orchestrating political swift boat-style attacks to benefit Republican Assembly candidates. Wisconsin voters don’t want to hear from this group and they will reject these shameful tactics.”

All Children Matter was fined $5.2 million, the largest political fine in American history in Ohio, for sending illegal campaign mailings on behalf of Republican legislative candidates. All Children Matter remains under investigation in Wisconsin for illegally assisting a GOP Senate candidate in RacineCounty in 2006.

Former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, who is awaiting a re-trail on felony political corruption charges in Wisconsin, serves as a paid political consultant for the Alliance for Choice in Education, a national umbrella group affiliated with All Children Matter.

The truth about the group’s motives and tactics can be found at this website:

Fast Facts regarding All Children Matter

1)       All Children Matter was fined $5.2 million in Ohio for illegally funneling money to Republican candidates in 2006.

2)       All Children Matter is currently under investigation by the Government Accountability Board for sending illegal literature to voters in the 21st Senate District in RacineCounty in 2006.

3)       All Children Matter has given over $130,000 to Republican legislative candidates in Wisconsin.

4)       All Children Matter is affiliated with Alliance for Choice in Education, which retains former Speaker Scott Jensen, who is awaiting a re-trial on felony political corruption charges, as a top consultant.