Statement of Governor Doyle on Judge

Oct 22, 2008

MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle released the following statement today:

“Today in a well-reasoned decision, Judge Maryann Sumi dismissed Attorney General JB Van Hollen’s lawsuit against the nonpartisan public agency that oversees Wisconsin‘s elections – the Government Accountability Board. Judge Sumi was clear when she said both the Republican Attorney General and the Republican Party of Wisconsin have no authority to bring this suit.

“This decision echoes what the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously decided recently in a case in Ohio. The Government Accountability Board, not the Republican Attorney General, has the responsibility to supervise elections. The law in Wisconsin is clear.

“We know that Republicans all over the country have tried to remove qualified voters from the voting lists. And we know that nothing in state or federal law requires a data match for the right to vote. Innocent mistakes and typos cannot be exploited as a way to blockade one of the fundamental rights of our democracy – our right to vote.

Wisconsin has a strong progressive tradition of protecting our right to vote. With today’s decision, we can all move forward with a smooth, successful election. On November 4, each qualified voter will be able to go to the polls and exercise this right. I am confident that everything will go smoothly on Election Day and throughout the remainder of the early voting process.

“With so many critical issues at stake in this election, now is not the time for typical, partisan politics-as-usual. Democrats and Republicans must work together to ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote and wants to vote can do so without obstruction. Today’s decision is a very important step forward in this important and historic election.”