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Oct 27, 2008

What is Gard Trying to Hide from Voters in Northeast Wisconsin?

MADISON – Republican John Gard continued to hide any and all details about his shady consulting company Gard Business Group this week, dodging a direct question from the Appleton Post-Crescent on his business dealings and clientele. According to today’s Post-Crescent, “The former speaker is guarded about who his clients are, except to say that they are based in Northeastern Wisconsin.”


Little to nothing is known about Gard’s consulting company. In fact, Gard Business Group doesn’t have a Web site, it’s not listed in the online Yellow Pages, and it doesn’t even have a phone number or e-mail address listed for potential clients who wish to access Gard’s consulting services.


“Why won’t John Gard reveal any details about his shady consulting operation?” asked Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Is John Gard representing dirty special interests that he doesn’t want us to know about? Is he using his business to launder campaign money? Or is Gard simply using his company to trick voters into thinking he’s not a career politician?”


All that is known about the company is that Gard earned $12,307 from January through mid-April 2008 for his work there, according to the financial disclosure report he was required to file as a candidate for Congress. (Source: Green Bay Press Gazette, 6.17.08)

”How does John Gard attract business to his consulting company if the company isn’t even listed?” asked Wineke. “Is this a legitimate business, and if so, how can Gard survive on a $12,307 salary? Does Gard have another source of income that he isn’t telling us about?”

Wineke issued a challenge to any reporter in Wisconsin to find out more information about Gard Business Group, its clients or any other sources of income that Gard may have had since he started running for Congress.