Brett Davis Can

Nov 02, 2008

MADISON – Before he became the “independent thinking” representative from Oregon, Brett Davis spent nearly a decade working as a party insider in Madison and serving the Bush Administration in Washington before returning to run for office.

“When he’s in the district, he talks a good game, but when he gets to Madison he goes right back to being a partisan Bush insider,” said Jim Smith, Executive Director of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee.

“John Waelti doesn’t owe his party leaders anything. He’s made his own way in life and he’s so bipartisan he worked for Ronald Reagan,” said Smith. “When it comes to ‘independent thinking’, there’s really only one choice in the 80th Assembly District — John Waelti.”

In the past four years, 11,226 voters in the 80th Assembly District have voted against Brett Davis twice. In both the 2006 and 2004 elections, 11,226 voters opposed Brett Davis because they understand that he is wrong on the issues that matter most to middle class families in Wisconsin. 11,226 voters also agree that Brett Davis is a partisan Bush insider.