Coalition for America

Nov 02, 2008

Third-Party Group’s “Place of Business” is a PO Box
Inside a UPS Store in a Middleton Strip Mall


MADISON – The Virginia-based Coalition for America’s Families is spending millions on false and malicious political ads in Wisconsin, but does not even have a legitimate place of business. The group is the same shady organization that a judge recently ordered to stop running its false ads against Democratic Assembly candidates, before an appeals court stayed the ruling.

Attorneys learned that the address for the group, which is spending millions in the state, is nothing more than a Post Office Box located inside a UPS Store in a Middleton strip mall.

Photos of the group’s “Principal Office” can be accessed here: http://wisdems.org/free_details.asp?id=41.  

“This Virginia-based group is spending over $1 million in our state and they don’t even have a legitimate place of business? That’s just wrong,” said Jim Smith, Executive Director of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. “You want to talk about a shadow group, here’s an example of one operating right in front of our faces.”

According to the group’s filing with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, its registered agent, Valerie B Johnson, and its principal office are both located at the Middleton PO Box. The group’s Web site lists the same address as its place of business.

“It is unbelievable that this group has spent more than $1 million to attempt to buy elections in the state and they are still too cheap to buy an office,” said Smith.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas Lister on Saturday ordered that the group’s ads targeting Democratic Assembly candidates be immediately removed from the air after finding that the ads likely violated Section 12.05, Wis. Stats. by knowingly making false statements to affect an election.

When attorneys served the judge’s notice to the group on Saturday, they learned that the address was nothing more than a PO Box, which immediately prompted questions about additional violations.