Coalition for America

Oct 31, 2008

Address for Shady Group is a PO Box Inside a
UPS Store in a Middleton Strip Mall

MADISON – Today, the Coalition for America’s Families was properly served a judge’s order requiring the group, which is running millions of dollars in false ads against Assembly Democratic candidates, to appear for a court hearing Monday.

However, attorneys learned that the address for the organization, listed as

6907 University Avenue, Suite #176, Middleton, WI

is nothing more than a Post Office Box located inside the UPS Store in a strip mall.

“This shady Virginia-based group comes to Wisconsin, spends millions of dollars on false ads, and then we find out it has no office, no employees, no coalition – just a box,” said Smith. “If ever there was a time for this shady group to be held accountable for its lies, the time is now.”

With only three days until Election Day, Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas Lister ruled that the Coalition for America’s Families has likely violated Section 12.05, Wis. Stats. by knowingly making false statements to affect an election, and has possibly done so with actual malice toward 92nd Assembly Candidate Mark Radcliffe.

The judge ordered that ads running by the third-party group be removed from the air immediately after finding that the ads are spreading false and misleading statements designed to affect the election.

Attorneys for Radcliffe today served the notice to the defendants in the court order, but learned that the address was nothing more than a Post Office Box.