Statement on Wisconsin Court of Appeals Action Today

Nov 02, 2008

MADISON – Jim Smith, Executive Director of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee, today issued the following statement on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals action regarding the Coalition for America’s Families false ads running against Mark Radcliffe and other Democratic Assembly candidates: 

“The judge today reconfirmed that the third-party group’s ads running against Mark Radcliffe and other Democratic Assembly candidates are likely to be shown as false and made with actual malice.

“Nothing the court of appeals did today changed the judge’s ruling that Mark Radcliffe could ultimately show that the Coalition for America‘s Families ads are false and misleading. It simply stayed the injunction for further proceedings.

“Judge Lister today said it was unfortunate that seemingly no civil remedy exists for candidates to protect themselves against false and malicious statements run by third-party groups days before an election.”

Paid for by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Ben Wikler, Chair