DPW Chair Wineke Statement on Governor

Jan 27, 2009

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke tonight released the following statement following Governor Jim Doyle’s annual State of the State Address.

“At a time when our country is facing serious economic challenges, Governor Doyle tonight showed that he has the vision and the leadership to help us move forward and tackle these challenges head on.

“It is a shame that while the Governor is trying to work in a bipartisan manner to stimulate the economy, the Republican Party continues to fervently protect the status quo and obstruct efforts to create new jobs for Wisconsin families.

“Governor Doyle has been working with President Obama and leaders across our state and nation on projects that will put people to work and invest in our future, while protecting our shared priorities of health care, education, and public safety.

”We are in times that demand tough decisions and real sacrifice, and Governor Doyle has faced this type of challenge before. I applaud Governor Doyle’s continued leadership and look forward to working together to confront the problems we face and move Wisconsin forward.”