Scott Walker Says No to New Jobs for Wisconsin

Jan 06, 2009

Walker: “I’m not asking for any new projects
or things to be done here.”

MADISON – At a time of national economic peril and rising unemployment, Scott Walker says he is against Federal stimulus money to put people back to work and create thousands of new jobs for Wisconsin families now.

When asked about his thoughts on the stimulus plan to create jobs, Walker recently told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “I’m not asking for any new projects or things to be done here.” (Source: MJS, 1/6/09)

“We are in a national recession and incredibly Scott Walker is saying no to new jobs in Wisconsin,” said Joe Wineke, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair. “Walker wants to ship our tax dollars out to other states to create jobs, instead of pushing for thousands of new jobs here at home.”

The current national economic forecast is the bleakest we’ve faced since World War II. Congress is currently working with President-elect Obama’s team to create fiscally responsible legislation that would create and save three million jobs in the next two years – and make our economy stronger in the long run.

These jobs would include thousands of shovel-ready road and infrastructure projects in Wisconsin that would put people to work right away and help families who are struggling to make ends meet.

But even with the dire forecast, Walker is categorically opposed to putting Wisconsin families to work.

“Scott Walker has only one idea when it comes to fixing our economy – and that is to continue the failed Bush economic policies,” said Wineke. “Walker’s rigid loyalty to right-wing economics puts ideology ahead of Wisconsin families, ahead of jobs, and ahead of reality.”

“Thank goodness we have a Governor who supports bringing jobs to Wisconsin and is willing to do what it takes to fight for Wisconsin families,” said Wineke.  

Since December 2007, more than 2 million American jobs have been lost nationally and a housing crisis has threatened the economic security of countless more working families. Major industries are beginning to fail, and businesses can’t find the credit to create new jobs. The American economy is already in the second longest recession since the end of the World War II, a crisis that is expected to grow worse.