Scott Walker Uses County Executive

Jan 28, 2009

Walker: Wrong to Use Tax Dollars to Create Jobs;
OK to Use Tax Dollars to Launch Campaign Attacks

MADISON – Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker yesterday used his taxpayer funded office to launch a political campaign attack against Governor Jim Doyle, violating ethics rules that prohibit such behavior.

“Everyone knows Scott Walker is running for Governor, and when he chose to use his County office to launch a political attack against Governor Doyle, he broke the rules,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Apparently Walker is against using tax dollars to create jobs, but has no problem using them to launch campaign attacks.”

Last night, following Governor Doyle’s State of the State Address, Walker issued a campaign press release from his taxpayer-funded office attacking the Governor. (Source: Milwaukee Co. Exec. Walker Press Release, 1/28/09,

Walker has been trying to save face after catching flak for his stance against Federal stimulus money to put people back to work and create thousands of new jobs for Wisconsin families. When asked about his thoughts on the stimulus plan to create jobs, Walker earlier told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “I’m not asking for any new projects or things to be done here.” (Source: MJS, 1/6/09.)

Walker is apparently only concerned about creating new jobs for one person…himself,” said Wineke.

Walker has a history of using his MilwaukeeCounty office for campaign purposes, including using a costly taxpayer-funded motorcycle trip to boost his last gubernatorial campaign. Earlier this week, Walker was in the Hudson area, five hours away from his Milwaukee constituents, laying the groundwork for his current gubernatorial campaign.