Fernandez Must Come Clean About Coordination with Legislator on Illegal Campaign Attack

Mar 24, 2009

DPW Files Open Records Request to Seek
Records of Fernandez-Pridemore Contact

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) today filed an open records request with the office of Republican Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) for communications between the legislator’s office and DPI candidate Rose Fernandez surrounding an illegal campaign attack they launched last week.

“The Democratic Party already has evidence that Fernandez and Pridemore were in contact on DPI issues,” said Jason Stephany, Executive Director of the DPW. “Now Fernandez needs to come clean and admit that her campaign helped orchestrate this illegal campaign attack the GAB is poised to investigate.”

The DPW is asking Pridemore’s office to immediately release all e-mails, memos, letters, phone logs, and daily calendars related to the DPI race, Rose Fernandez or Tony Evers. Pridemore’s office must also release all records of meetings with Fernandez or any member of her staff.

Last week Pridemore violated state ethics rules by using his taxpayer-funded office to launch a blatant campaign attack against DPI candidate Tony Evers.

This was a calculated political attack, done on the taxpayer dime, designed to assist Fernandez.

The DPW has already requested records related to the illegal campaign attack and has filed a verified complaint with the GAB asking the board to commence an immediate investigation of these illegal actions.

“It is imperative that these additional records are brought to light immediately to establish the full extent of the collaboration between Fernandez and the legislator on this illegal campaign attack,” said Stephany.