Paul Ryan's Budget Debut Ridiculed by National Media

Mar 26, 2009

Ryan, GOP Leaders Unveil 19-Page ‘Budget Plan’ with
No Proposals, No Hard Numbers, Picture of Windmill
MADISON – Janesville Republican Paul Ryan and GOP leaders in Washington were ridiculed by the national media yesterday for introducing their ‘budget plan’ – a gimmick that was nothing more than a 19-page glossy pamphlet without a single real budget proposal or fiscal estimate.

The document, which Ryan helped create, was mocked for having a picture of a windmill in place of actual charts and numbers.

See a video of Ryan’s budget debut and an MSNBC reporter ridiculing the plan:

“Paul Ryan and House Republicans have had a month to come up with an alternative budget and all they could muster was a 19-page brochure with a picture of a windmill,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Paul Ryan may have a fresh face, but he certainly doesn’t have any fresh ideas or fresh solutions for the American people.”

The national media has ridiculed Ryan’s plan, or lack thereof, because it is impossible to determine the projected deficit based on his offering. Ryan’s plan has no hard spending numbers, no deficit projections and no real proposals.

Members of the media ripped Ryan and the Republicans for using their press conference yesterday as bait-and-switch to get exposure and then bash President Obama, without offering a real plan. When asked for details, Ryan and the GOP leaders couldn’t even provide their own deficit projection for the sake of comparison.

“It’s clear that Paul Ryan has nothing fresh to offer,” said Wineke. “Ryan is just providing more of the same old Republican obstructionism.”