DPW Chair Wineke Statement on Passing of Midge Miller

Apr 16, 2009

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke today released the following statement following the passing of longtime Democratic activist and former state Representative Midge Miller:

”Midge Miller was a Democratic Party icon and to say that she will be dearly missed is an understatement.

“Midge was a pioneer for women in politics. She was a trailblazer who shook up the political scene and helped broaden the tent of the Democratic Party.

“As a longtime state legislator, activist, and member of the Democratic National Committee, Midge was a champion of civil rights and equality, and she worked tirelessly to draw women into politics across the country.

“Midge was a relentless crusader for civil rights, the environment, education, clean government, peace and countless other causes dear to the hearts of Democrats. She is a true pillar of the Democratic Party and her legacy will remain with us forever.”