DPW Chair Wineke Statement on Walker's 'No Ideas' Tour

Apr 27, 2009

MADISON – As Scott Walker makes his trip around the state today to promote his candidacy for Governor, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke issued the following statement:

“In 30 years in politics and government, I’ve never seen a candidate kick off a campaign with such a negative tone. Scott Walker offers no new ideas and no real solutions – just negative political attacks. He might as well call this the ‘no ideas’ tour.

“We’ve already seen the disastrous effects of Walker’s ‘no ideas’ approach in MilwaukeeCounty. Before he starts looking for a new job, Walker should try doing the job he’s already been elected to and fix his rundown parks, crumbling infrastructure, and failing public aid programs.

“From his constant flip-flopping on accepting stimulus dollars, to his miserable record running MilwaukeeCounty, it is clear that Walker would be a disaster for Wisconsin. With all his baggage, it’s no wonder Walker already faces stiff primary opposition from Mark Neumann.”