Walker Does a 180 on Accepting Stimulus Money, Flip-Flops on

Apr 01, 2009

Walker’s Flip-Flops Continue with Latest Reversal

MADISON – First Scott Walker said he would not compile a stimulus wish list and criticized politicians for lining up at the federal trough for stimulus handouts. Then this week Walker released his very own $130 million stimulus wish list.

To explain his reason for accepting stimulus money, Walker said, “Let me clearly lay out our position … no matching funds required by MilwaukeeCounty.” Now Walker has flip-flopped on that pledge too, saying, “I didn’t say ‘never’ on match.”

“When it comes to accepting stimulus money, Scott Walker is talking out of both sides of his mouth,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW).

“First Walker was against stimulus projects, now he’s for them. Then he was against projects that require matching funds, now he’s open to them. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with Walker’s ever-changing positions on this issue,” said Wineke.

To help keep up with Walker’s major flip-flops, the DPW has compiled a “Walker Flip-Flop Timeline.”  Today the DPW added Walker’s latest flip-flop to the timeline: http://www.wisdems.org/blog.asp?id=46#46.


March 25, 2009
Walker: “Let me clearly lay out our position … no matching funds required by Milwaukee County”
(Milwaukee Small Business Times column,

 March 31, 2009
Walker: “I didn’t say ‘never’ on match”
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