DPW Chair Joe Wineke Statement on Michael Steele and the State of the Republican Party

Apr 30, 2009

MADISON – As the Republican Party of Wisconsin welcomes controversial RNC Chairman Michael Steele to their state convention, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke released the following statement on Steele and the state of the Republican Party: 

“Since Michael Steele became chair of the RNC, he has lost two senate seats and one house seat – and it’s not even an election year. From shunning moderates to hemorrhaging members from its ever-shrinking tent, it is clear that the Republican Party is in a state of chaos.

“Democrats continue to welcome new members into the Party, including people of all religious and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations and political leanings. Meanwhile, the Republicans are becoming nothing more than an ultra-conservative, right-wing fringe party.

“As state Republicans brace for their gubernatorial primary, it is fitting that they will hear from Michael Steele, the leader of the “party of no.” It appears that their candidates offer no new ideas for Wisconsin either.”