DPW Chair Wineke Statement on Karl Rove's Anti-Worker Campaign in Milwaukee

May 18, 2009

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Chair Joe Wineke today released the following statement on Karl Rove’s anti-worker campaign in Milwaukee today to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act.

“During these harsh economic times, the Employee Free Choice Act is just what working families need to help weather the storm and come out stronger and more financially secure in the long run. When workers have the freedom to bargain with their employers, the middle class is strengthened – and that’s exactly what the Employee Free Choice Act will help provide.

“Unfortunately a handful of discredited right-wing hacks like Karl Rove have embarked on an anti-worker campaign to oppose this commonsense piece of legislation. I find it ironic that Karl Rove, who has already been repudiated for his disastrous effects on the country, now sees it fit to lecture us on the economy.

“If Karl Rove and the big-money, anti-worker machine think their threats and misinformation campaigns will speak louder than real people – they’re dead wrong. Hundreds of thousands of working people are already speaking out in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act to help rebuild the middle class and strengthen our economy for the long term.”