Jun 24, 2009

Wisconsin’s Worst Legislator Announces State Senate Run

 Rep. Leah Vukmir to use state’s worst pol’ title as springboard for higher office

MADISON – Less than five months after being named “Worst Legislator in Wisconsin,” State Rep. Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwautosa) announced her candidacy for the State Senate today in Brookfield. Vukmir earned the title following a January Milwaukee Magazine survey where she ranked last amongst all legislators1.
Survey participants, including many critics from her own party, had a lot to say about Vukmir. Colleagues described the Wauwatosa Republican as “an absolute dud,” “shrill, uncompromising,” and “personally unpleasant.” One GOP contemporary added that she is even “despised by most fellow Republicans.”
 “Of 132 state legislators, Leah Vukmir ranked the worst,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “I can’t think of a better springboard for higher office.”
Vukmir’s voting record is more offensive than her personal flaws. In the last two years alone, she voted to endorse workplace discrimination2, turned her back on crime victims3, and called Wisconsin’s SeniorCare program – which provides more than 90,000 seniors with prescription drug coverage – a waste of time4. Vukmir even went as far as to author a constitutional amendment to prohibit healthcare reform.5
“From her extreme stances on the issues to her ineffectiveness in the capitol, there are few legislators who are more poorly positioned to lead than Leah Vukmir,” said Tate. ”The citizens of the 5th Senate District deserve better.”

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Authorized and Paid For By the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Michael J. Tate, Chair