DPW Chair Tate Statement on Perennial Wanggaard Campaign Announcement

Jul 08, 2009

DPW Chair Tate Statement on Perennial
Wanggaard Campaign Announcement

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Chair Mike Tate issued the following statement regarding Van Wanggaard’s perennial campaign announcement today.
“Van Wanggaard’s announced run for State Senate shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Wanggaard is a perennial candidate who is more dedicated to running for whatever office happens to be available than he is concerned about serving the people of Racine County.
The dynamics of this race are simple. Van Wanggaard continues to promote the same failed Bush-era policies that brought about the national economic collapse. These outdated ideas lost him an Assembly seat in 2006, and certainly won’t resonate any better with Racine County voters in 2010.
John Lehman, by comparison, has a proud record of service in the State Assembly and Senate. He is a tireless advocate for working families and seniors in Southeastern Wisconsin.
The citizens of Racine County know a political opportunist when they see one. When given the choice between Van Wanggaard’s tired rhetoric and John Lehman’s extensive record of accomplishments, the decision will be clear.”

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Authorized and Paid For By the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Michael J. Tate, Chair