Kapanke Illegally Uses Taxpayer Resources to Launch Congressional Campaign

Jul 29, 2009

Kapanke Illegally Uses Taxpayer Resources to Launch Congressional Campaign


Twice-investigated politician now stealing from taxpayers to fuel run for US House


MADISON – State Senator Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) made his candidacy for the US House of Representatives official today, capping off months of abusing state resources to prepare for his run. Kapanke illegally used his taxpayer-funded state office and staff to coordinate a series of campaign events leading up to the announcement [1].


This is not the first time Kapanke and his aides have been involved in illegal activity. In 2006, a taxpayer-funded Kapanke staffer was fined by the State Ethics Board after breaking into another Senator’s personal belongings to make photocopies of political documents on a state copier [2]. Kapanke was investigated again by the State Ethics Board in 2007 after accepting illegal contributions from lobbyists for his business interests [3].


“It is appalling that Kapanke has stolen taxpayer funds to launch his congressional run,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “It’s clear Dan Kapanke will do anything to get elected – even break the law.”


The Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed an official open records request with Kapanke to reveal how many taxpayer dollars have been illegally spent on his campaign for congress to date. Despite legal requirements, Kapanke has yet to disclose the records as of July 30 – nearly two months after the formal request was filed.


“Regardless of how long he delays, Kapanke can’t hide his illegal activities,” said Tate. “Dan Kapanke is lining his campaign coffers with funds stolen from the same taxpayers he’s jockeying to represent in congress. This sort of activity is nothing short of criminal.”


The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will pursue all available legal avenues to obtain Kapanke’s hidden records and recover the misused taxpayer funds.



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