DPW Chair Tate Statement on Republican Party Mob Rule

Aug 05, 2009

DPW Chair Tate Statement on
Republican Party Mob Rule

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Chair Mike Tate issued the following statement regarding disruptive behavior by Republican extremists at health care listening sessions across the state. 

“The actions taken by Republicans and their allied groups across the state show they are not committed to moving this country forward and will stop at nothing to discourage thoughtful discussion of important issues. 

Disruptive Republicans and members of their allied groups at health care listening sessions shows just how desperate they have become.  Republican support of this behavior is exactly why they are in the minority today. 

In Wisconsin we are hard working, good people, who aren’t afraid of a debate. For the Republican Party, including the three announced candidates for Congressman Kagen’s seat, to encourage this mob rule shows they have not learned from the past. This manufactured anger did not serve Republicans well in 2008 and it will backfire again.   

Democrats like Congressman Kagen are fighting for Wisconsin families and the millions of uninsured Americans struggling everyday. Wisconsin voters will remember who stood up for them and who resorted to desperate tactics.”