DPW Statement on Kapanke Public Records Violations

Aug 19, 2009

DPW Statement on 

Kapanke Public Records Violations


MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin released the following statement today regarding the public records violations of State Senator Dan Kapanke and his staff, as exposed through this week’s legal proceedings.

“Today, Judge Richard Niess confirmed that Senator Dan Kapanke concealed and destroyed state documents in violation of Public Records laws.


Using taxpayer resources, Kapanke’s staff created documents and emails for at least two campaign events in April and June of this year. Kapanke denied access to these public records, despite a legal obligation to disclose the documents. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed suit this month to force Kapanke to comply with Wisconsin’s Public Records law.


Testimony and evidence offered in court pried loose additional state documents and communications Kapanke thought were long buried or destroyed. Kapanke’s office also revealed additional email communications that raise serious questions about his continued commingling of state and campaign resources.


This evidence proved, without a doubt, that Dan Kapanke disclosed the public records solely as a result of the lawsuit – despite his original claim that no such documents existed. Undeterred by the irrefutable evidence against him, Senator Kapanke chose to bill the citizens of Wisconsin for his legal defense.


In these tough economic times, it would be a travesty if Wisconsin taxpayers were held responsible for Dan Kapanke’s illegal activities. We fully expect Senator Kapanke to take personal responsibility for his actions and cover all legal costs associated with his Public Records violations.”