Statement by DPW Executive Director Jason Stephany on Complaint Against Sen. Kapanke

Aug 07, 2009

Statement by DPW Executive Director Jason Stephany on Complaint Against Sen. Kapanke  


MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Jason Stephany released the following statement today regarding the criminal investigation filed against Senator Dan Kapanke, related Government Accountability Board complaint, and the Petition for Writ of Mandamus filed in Dane County Circuit Court.


“We have reason to believe that Senator Kapanke is intentionally delaying and avoiding response to records requests filed more than two months ago.


Based on the evidence we have obtained, it appears that Senator Kapanke has hidden and/or destroyed files related to these requests.


It is our belief that access to these records has been obstructed to hide prohibited campaign activity using taxpayer resources, in state-funded offices, while on state time. As a result, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has requested that the La Crosse County District Attorney begin a criminal investigation of Senator Kapanke.


We have also requested the Government Accountability Board delay action on this matter until all the evidence can be gathered and the full case against Senator Kapanke can be formed.  We have additionally filed a lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court requesting that a Writ of Mandamus be issued which requires that Senator Kapanke comply with the public records law and which further directs the Legislative Technology Services Bureau to search through its servers for any and all documents relating to our requests, including any files which were deleted by Senator Kapanke and/or his staff.”