Statement from DPW Chair Mike Tate on Governor Doyle's Announcement

Aug 16, 2009

Statement from DPW Chair Mike Tate
on Governor Doyle’s Announcement

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate released this statement following Governor Jim Doyle’s announcement that he will not seek a third term.

“We owe Governor Jim Doyle a debt of gratitude for his decades of public service to the people of Wisconsin. From ensuring that 98% of Wisconsinites have access to health care coverage, to prioritizing investments in education, Governor Doyle’s impressive list of achievements demonstrates his deep commitment to improving the lives of Wisconsin citizens. This list of achievements is certain to grow during the remainder of Governor Doyle’s term, and we look forward to his continued leadership over the next year and a half.”
“As the next weeks and months unfold, I imagine that an impressive group of individuals will announce their candidacy to succeed Governor Doyle. We look forward to a competitive Democratic primary and a robust debate. One thing is for certain – last fall, the people of Wisconsin chose the Democratic Party to lead our state through the worst economic downturn in two generations, and Wisconsinites will once again look to Democrats for leadership next November.”