GOP Teabaggers Thirsty for More

Sep 17, 2009

GOP Teabaggers Thirsty for More
Michelle Malkin on deck to quench their thirst with more anti-tax rhetoric

MADISON — Self-described Republican teabaggers are set to descend on Milwaukee Saturday in another attempt to disguise a corporate-funded event as a grassroots gathering.
While being billed as a grassroots gathering, this weekend’s event is sponsored by the right-wing Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a corporate-backed interest group. AFP and their backers in the insurance industry are spending more than $1 million a day to prevent health insurance reform from passing.
“If you want to see true grassroots support, talk to working families across Wisconsin who don’t have health insurance or live in fear of losing their coverage,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “Wisconsinites know the corporate-funded teabaggers don’t represent their views on important issues. With friends like these, it’s no surprise that the Republican Party continues to shrink.”
Michelle Malkin has a proven track record of blind, partisan attacks against working families across the country. Just last month, she suggested unemployed Americans would take advantage of unemployment benefits instead of looking for work.
“Malkin and other leaders of the teabagging movement claim to fight for average citizens while they’re actually in the pocket of corporate interests,” said Tate. “The anti-worker and anti-reform rhetoric that Malkin has become known for is not what Wisconsin and our nation needs.”