Scott Walker: Too Extreme for Wisconsin Families

Sep 20, 2009

Scott Walker: Too Extreme for Wisconsin Families
Candidate for governor joins radical right-wing protestors in Milwaukee

MADISON – Scott Walker joined right-wing extremists in Milwaukee on Saturday to participate in a hateful, fear-based rally aimed at preventing progress for Wisconsin families. Walker was joined by right-wing commentator Michelle Malkin and known tax cheat Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher at the rally, which was sponsored by corporate-backed Americans for Prosperity.

“Scott Walker’s open association with radical, right-wing extremists further demonstrates the divisiveness of his politics,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “While Democrats in Wisconsin and across the country have debated important issues in a civil manner, Walker and others on the right have attempted to turn the debate into a shouting match.”

Although organizers claimed the protest was peaceful, one man was injured and taken to the hospital.  Other protestors used scare tactics, name-calling and false claims of socialism to get their point across.

“Wisconsin has a history of open and honest debate,” said Tate. “The fact that Scott Walker would endorse this behavior should be a clear sign to voters across Wisconsin that Walker is too extreme to represent them.”