Scott Walker

Sep 23, 2009

Scott Walker’s Credit Card Budget for Milwaukee County

Walker crams three years of spending into one year

MADISON – Throughout his 7-year stint as County Executive, Scott Walker has proposed budget after budget that contains excessive spending paid for with tax and fee hikes for Milwaukee County residents. It is clear from his 2010 budget proposal that this year will be no different. By front-loading his budget, Walker is spending the equivalent of three years of bonding in the next year – and taxpayers will be left to foot the bill.

“This budget proves that Scott Walker isn’t willing to make the tough decisions an executive has to make,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Chair Mike Tate. “Instead of cutting spending, Walker has increased it in an attempt to make himself look good during his campaign over the next year. Cramming three years of spending into one is beyond irresponsible and is not in Milwaukee County’s best interest.” 

“It’s not acceptable for a so-called leader to pass this kind of burden onto future residents and leaders,” said Tate. “Apparently raising taxes and hidden fees on regular citizens is easier than making tough decisions.”

The DPW today released a Web ad (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWkMeuIJOo4highlighting the failures of Walker’s budget, including his extensive reliance on the stimulus package he claimed to oppose in campaign fundraising materials.

“If Scott Walker is willing to leave this kind of mess in Milwaukee County, I can only imagine the mess he would leave if elected governor,” said Tate. “Walker has gone on a spending spree with Milwaukee County’s credit card, and left taxpayers with the bill.”