Statement: Indiana Voter ID Law Declared Unconstitutional

Sep 17, 2009

Indiana Voter ID Law Declared Unconstitutional
Model for Proposed Wisconsin Law Overturned by Court of Appeals


MADISON – Indiana’s voter ID law, long held up as a model for similar proposed laws in Wisconsin and other states, was declared unconstitutional yesterday by the Indiana Court of Appeals. Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, issued this statement following the ruling:

“Yesterday’s ruling is great news for free and fair elections.

“Voter ID laws like the one in Indiana are nothing more than a disgraceful, cynical, politically-motivated attempt to disenfranchise thousands of traditionally Democratic voters – from the elderly to minorities to the impoverished.

“Time and time again, voter ID laws are struck down by court systems nationwide. It should be clear now that these types of laws are unconstitutional, and have no place in Wisconsin or anywhere else in the country.”

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