DPW Chair Mike Tate Statement on Sarah Palin in Wisconsin

Nov 03, 2009

DPW Chair Mike Tate Statement

on Sarah Palin in Wisconsin


MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s visit, sponsored by Wisconsin Right to Life on Friday, November 6:

“Wisconsinites can see through Sarah Palin’s extreme single-issue platforms that lack any substance for governing. That’s why one year ago today Wisconsin sent the message that we want the country to go in a different direction – one without Sarah Palin in a position of power.

“Palin’s attempt to ‘go rogue’ has only aliented her state, party, and the American people. Considering reporters are being kept from the event – even attendees are not allowed to record, take pictures, or carry a cell phone – it doesn’t look like she wants to share her wisdom with Wisconsin. At least it is safe to assume that she will stick with the same misrepresentations and blatent disregard for the facts that she became famous for in the first place. This Friday’s Milwaukee appearance is just another celebrity event in an echo chamber of the same old ideas.

“As the Republican Party continues to sit on the sidelines and not contribute anything substantial to the important debates taking place in America, it’s no surprise that they have chosen Sarah Palin as one of their leaders.”