New State Tax Rankings Reflect Strong Democratic Leadership

Nov 29, 2009

New State Tax Rankings Reflect

 Strong Democratic Leadership

MADISON – Wisconsin tax burdens have dropped to, at, and below the national average thanks to Governor Doyle and our Democratic leadership. Today, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that since being one of the dismal top-five states with the highest income tax during Tommy Thompson’s massive spending days, Democrats have moved Wisconsin’s ranking down to 15th place – a ranking much closer in line with the national average[Source: “Wisconsin improves its ranking on taxes,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/27/09]

“Democrats have a clear record of getting things done, while Republicans stand in the way of progress at all costs,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Over the past seven years, Governor Doyle has worked tirelessly with our Democratic leaders to put Wisconsin on the right track, and this change in ranking is a direct result of their efforts.”
Wisconsin’s ranking is on track with the national average. For the first time in two decades, the state fell below the average of tax dollars per person and also remained below the national average of spending dollars per person for the second straight year. Joining Tommy Thompson and other Republicans, Scott Walker passed five consecutive biennial budgets during his time in the state legislature, increasing state spending by 84 percent and making Wisconsin one of the most taxed states in the nation. 
[Source: 1992 WI Act 269; 2001 WI Act 16; WI Legislative Fiscal Bureau]
“Republicans like Scott Walker have a record of dramatic spending increases which weaken our economy and hurt the people of Wisconsin,” Tate said.  “Democrats know a strong economy is essential to a strong state, and their responsible fiscal stewardship has given Wisconsin a solid foundation.”