Reps. Petri and Ryan out of touch with their constituency

Nov 08, 2009

Reps. Petri and Ryan out of touch

with their constituency 

Congressmen forget what their districts voted for  

MADISON – Last November voters in the 1st and 6th Congressional Districts voted to change the direction that the United States was headed. Instead of supporting the failed policies of the past and continuing to neglect those in need, voters in both districts helped elect President Obama with a mandate to get our country back on track. Congressmen Petri and Ryan’s vote against the Affordable Health Care for America Act on Saturday highlights the growing divide between their stance on the issues and what their constituents want.

“Petri and Ryan have made it clear that they will tow the party line instead of doing what is best for their constituents and the rest of Wisconsin,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate, “Wisconsinites voted for President Obama, in part, because they knew that the need for meaningful reform that provides every American with quality, affordable, stable and secure health care coverage was real.”

The Affordable Health Care for America Act provides reforms that were long overdue in the health insurance industry while protecting Wisconsinites. This historic legislation will rein in the worst practices in the industry while extending coverage to 36 million Americans and cutting the deficit by $104 billion in the next ten years.

“Petri and Ryan chose to stand with the insurance industry lobbyists and the Republican Party of No instead of representing the people of Wisconsin,” said Tate, “covering more Americans, while reducing the deficit, is exactly the kind of change their constituents voted for. If Petri and Ryan continue to stand with the Republican Party instead of their constituents, voters in the 1st and 6th District will not stand with them next November.”