Scott Walker Brings Wall Street Irresponsibility to Milwaukee County

Nov 17, 2009

Scott Walker Brings Wall Street

Irresponsibility to Milwaukee County 

Hidden taxes and service cuts are just the beginning

MADISON – Scott Walker has once again highlighted his fiscal irresponsibility through his latest Milwaukee County budget vetoes. While our nation is on the road to economic recovery, Walker has decided to continue the unsafe financial practices that led our nation into a recession.

The County Executive is counting on phantom revenue from employee salary and benefit give-backs concessions that he has yet to negotiate. That charade will produce a hole of up to $30-million dollars in the County Executive’s budget. The cuts he is asking from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, alone, add up to nearly four million dollars. Because it is highly unlikely that the County Executive will get all the concessions he is asking for from county workers, this budget will fall apart much like his budgets from previous years.

“We already know what personal greed and pandering to special interests can do to our nation’s economy, Scott Walker doesn’t have to recreate that here in Wisconsin. We should be creating sound fiscal policy that creates jobs without compromising essential services,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

Walker’s budget vetoes also eliminate a bus call center that would increase efficiency and access to mass transit, outsource jobs at General Mitchell International Airport, dismantle the Community Justice Resource Center, and raise zoo admission and parking fees.

“The people of Wisconsin won’t stand by as Scott Walker nickel and dimes them out of their savings,” said Tate, “it’s time for Walker to propose fiscal policies that focus on long-term growth, instead of creating instability and chaos.”