Scott Walker Turns to Fellow Failed Leader for Help

Nov 11, 2009

Scott Walker Turns to Fellow

Failed Leader for Help 

Gubernatorial candidate moves further out of step with Wisconsin values 

MADISON – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported today that Republican candidate for governor Scott Walker is seeking an endorsement from failed Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. In a move that solidifies him as an extreme right-wing candidate, Walker reportedly met with Palin after her appearance at a Wisconsin Right to Life rally in Milwaukee last month.

“There couldn’t be a clearer sign that Scott Walker is out of step with Wisconsin voters,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate, “Wisconsin is a state that values real debate based on facts, Palin has proven time and again that her grasp on both reality and facts is almost as weak as Walker’s grasp on what the people of Wisconsin want.”

Since resigned as governor of Alaska, Palin has attempted to stay in the public spotlight by making outrageous statements and alienating even those within her own party. During her recent Milwaukee appearance, Palin began a conspiracy theory that Democrats were trying to remove “In God We Trust” from coins, a claim even FOX News refuted. While Walker is no stranger to bending the truth, his desire to align himself so closely with radical causes and figures is a concern to many Wisconsinites.

“Wisconsin already rejected Sarah Palin’s leadership last November, and if she stands with Scott Walker she’ll be rejected again next November,” said Tate, “Walker can’t seem to pass up the opportunity to support what the rest of Wisconsin doesn’t. If Scott Walker is this willing to pander to an extreme, right-wing base as a candidate for governor, it’s disturbing to think of what policies he would enact if elected.”