Wisconsin Republicans choose politics instead of real debate about education

Nov 04, 2009

Wisconsin Republicans choose politics instead of real debate about education


MADISON – President Obama’s visit to Wisconsin yesterday highlighted his administration’s commitment to education. Instead of supporting Wisconsin’s education system while it was in the national spotlight, Republicans chose to criticize the state and use this historic moment as an attempt to make political gains.


While the Republican Party of Wisconsin and candidate for governor Scott Walker tried to gloss over the significance of the President’s visit, Mark Neumann took the criticism a step further. Yesterday Neumann turned his sites on Milwaukee, asking, “do we want for all of Wisconsin what is happening in Milwaukee?” (Source: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/69254337.html)


“This kind of incendiary rhetoric against Milwaukee shows just how unqualified Mark Neumann and Republicans are to run this state, “ said 8th Assembly District Representative Pedro Colon, “Democrats are working hard to strengthen Milwaukee Public Schools and education for all Wisconsinites. Until Neumann has any real ideas on how to improve our education system, he should sit quietly on the sidelines.”


While Neumann’s own Web site lacks any detail about how he plans to advance the education of Wisconsin children, Democrats across the state have been on the forefront of education reform that has made Wisconsin into a national model of academic excellence.


“President Obama’s visit highlighted how committed Democrats are to creating a quality education system that prepares students for the 21st century,” said Rep. Colon, “unfortunately, Republicans within our own state haven’t shown any indication that they are willing to make this a priority or have a real debate about the issue.”