Dec 13, 2009

Walker’s Privatization Plan Clogs County Courthouse 

Employees forced to buy cleaning supplies and neglect public safety

MADISON – Scott Walker’s privatization of the Milwaukee County Courthouse housekeeping staff has already left him with a mess on his hands. Friday marked the last day for 30 housekeepers, leaving the remaining Courthouse employees to work in a building where piles of garbage and bloody paper towels have become common.

“If Scott Walker can’t maintain a basic level of sanitation within his own county, I don’t see how he can claim to be qualified to run the entire state,” said Mike Tate, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, “When county employees are forced to buy their own cleaning supplies and work in a filthy environment, there is a serious failure of leadership.”

On Friday WISN-TV in Milwaukee documented the condition of the County Courthouse, showing clogged toilets, overflowing trashcans, and interviewing employees who have resorted to buying their own toilet paper and other supplies. One assistant district attorney said, “I think the public needs to know that it’s affecting community safety because it’s difficult for us to do our jobs.” [Source: Trash Piles Up At Courthouse As County Lays Off Housekeepers, WISN-TV, 12/11/09]

“Scott Walker needs to admit his mistake and fix it immediately,” said Tate, “It’s astonishing that a public official at any level would allow their employees to be subjected to this work environment. Milwaukee County deserves better and the state of Wisconsin cannot afford to elect a candidate proven to be this reckless with even basic services.”

Still pictures from the WISN story can be found at http://www.wisdems.org/free_details.asp?id=77