Scott Walker: Big Talker, Little Results

Jan 25, 2010

Scott Walker: Big Talker, Little Results
Sham Press Conference Can’t Hide Record of Failure, Flip-Flops

MADISON – Scott Walker visited Madison today to offer more big talk at another sham press event intended to hide what little results he’s had in creating jobs.
Just this morning, Walker’s hometown newspaper reported on his failure to market job-creating financial aid and take advantage of federal lending programs. 
[Source: “County supervisors blame Walker for not marketing financial aid <> ,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 1/25/10]

“Scott Walker has made a career of offering big talk in lieu of real results,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “It’s unseemly for him to come to the Capitol rotunda to promote his own job search when he has clearly done so little to create jobs during his failed administration.”

“When it comes to jobs, Scott Walker has been a Big Talker, sitting on the sidelines while others have had to take the lead,” Tate said. “Now that HE wants a new job, he’s willing to say anything.”

Big Talker Scott Walker’s Rhetoric vs. Reality

Rhetoric: Wisconsin needs a governor who will do everything in his power to protect the jobs we have.”

Reality: In 2007, Walker’s little-used Private Industry Council was removed from his control. [Source: “Job council closes meeting on takeover” <>, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3.14.07]
In 2009, his budget dissolved the Economic and Community Development Division and eliminated the Economic Development Director position. This has cost the county millions in federal aid. 
[Source: “Walker plan shifts development efforts” <,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10.3.08]

In 2009, he even turned down a $3.1 million gift to be used for economic development and job creation. 
[Source: “Results of today’s county board meeting votes <> ,” The Bay View Compass, 5/21/09]

Rhetoric: “Will not propose or support any new or increased taxes including assessments and fees that go beyond the rate of inflation in the next two years.” 


Reality: Using Walker’s own proposed budgets, Milwaukee County’s property tax levy has increased by nearly $39 million during Scott Walker’s time as County Executive.  In 2003 he proposed a $218 million tax levy and in 2010 he proposed a $258 million tax levy.  That is more than an 18% increase during his time as County Executive.

In his proposed budget for 2003, Walker suggested $1,100,274,125 in Milwaukee County spending.  In his 2010 proposed budget he suggested, $1,481,577,120 in spending.  That is a 35% increase in spending since Scott Walker has been Milwaukee County Executive.