Jan 19, 2010

“Can’t-Tell-the-Truth” Kapanke:

More Sham Promises from GOP Senator


MADISON – After a history of ethical transgressions that include illegally using state resources to advance his current Congressional run, Republican state Sen. Dan Kapanke yesterday told The Associated Press that his promise to repay $38,000 in legal bills that resulted from his misconduct was just a sham.

“We’ve come to expect Kapanke to break the law, so it comes as no surprise now that he breaks his promises to taxpayers,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

The $38,000 figure arose last year after Kapanke fought-and lost in court- efforts to expose his illegal campaign activities, leaving the taxpayers to foot the bill. He promised then to repay the bill by the end of 2009.

In 2007, Kapanke was investigated by the State Ethics Board after illegally accepting illegal contributions from lobbyists for his business interests.

“Instead of raising more campaign cash, ‘Can’t-Tell-the Truth’ Kapanke should honor his debts to Wisconsin taxpayers,” Tate said.