Do Wall and Westlake Agree with Limbaugh?

Feb 02, 2010

Do Wall and Westlake Agree with Limbaugh?

Right Wing Host Compares Feingold to Osama Bin Laden


Madison, WI –  On Friday, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves during his syndicated talk show and read a transcript from the recently released Osama Bin Laden tape.  While bombastic rhetoric isn’t anything new for Limbaugh, during the reading, he paused and compared the terrorist to Senator Russ Feingold:


“Does this not sound like an average Democrat? It sounds like this could easily be Russ Feingold, the Senator from Wisconsin.”


“The question Wall, Westlake and whoever else may be interested in running for Senate should be asked is do they stand by Rush Limbaugh?” said Mike Tate, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  “This isn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last time Limbaugh has crossed the line.  Are Wall and Westlake going to follow him?”


Gallup poll last year showed that when people were asked to identify the individual they think of as the main person who speaks for the Republican Party today, Americans are most likely to say Rush Limbaugh (13%), followed by Dick Cheney (10%), John McCain (6%), and Newt Gingrich (6%).