Feb 16, 2010

Duffy’s Funny Bomb

Reality Show Celeb Opposes Jobs “Real-World Scrutiny”

MADISON-He’s never one to shy from a camera or an open microphone, so why is reality tee-vee show celebrity and Republican heartthrob Sean Duffy now hiding from “Real-World” scrutiny as he ties his latest fundraising ruse to mocking the creation of Wisconsin jobs?

“If he actually had something to say about jobs, or was able to justify his shady fundraising claims, maybe the people who work for a living in the 7th Congressional District would think Sean Duffy lives in the “Real World,”” Mike Tate, Democratic Party of Wisconsin chairman, said today.

Duffy has been raising fistfuls of cash from national Republicans and recently mounted a gimmicky fundraising push which, as of early Ash Wednesday, appears to have failed miserably.

Duffy tied what he called his “money bomb,” more properly named a “funny bomb,” to his opposition to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, authored by Dave Obey. The legislation, which celebrates its one-year anniversary today, helped to create and preserve tens of thousands of jobs in the 7th District and Wisconsin, and brought the country back from the brink of a Second Great Depression.

Such achievement apparently is worthy of derision by Duffy, a contestant on the MTV reality show “The Real World” before he was appointed by Republican Gov. Scott McCallum as district attorney for Ashland County. While mocking Dave Obey, the reality show contestant has claimed that 90 percent of his donations are from Wisconsin.

And yet a glance at FEC records show that reports are missing from 80 percent of Duffy’s donors.

“People who live in the “Real World” like Dave Obey understand that people need jobs not fundraising gimmicks,” Tate said.