Is the Health Care System Broken Yet Terrence Wall?

Feb 24, 2010

Is the Health Care System Broken Yet Terrence Wall?

Report: Health Plan Rates in Wisconsin Scheduled to Increase 17.2%

MADISON – In September of last year, multimillionaire, real estate magnate, and part-time taxpayer Terrence Wall, said our (health care) system isn’t broken.”    
In a report release yesterday by the Center for American Progress, insurance giant WellPoint Inc. – which runs Blue Cross and Blue Shield programs in Wisconsin – will be raising the individual rates for consumers a whopping 17.2 percent.  Wisconsin is one of 11 states where double digit rate increase will occur.  WellPoint profits doubled in 2009  from the previous year. 
“Whose side is Wall on?  Insurance companies or Wisconsin families and businesses?” asked Mike Tate, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  “Health care is broken, and for someone like Wall to say otherwise just shows how completely out-of-touch he is with the average Wisconsin voter.”
Wall has been running television ads on the issue of health care which the AP calls “misleading,” and editorial boards and independent analysts have called “negative.”    
Wall’s Republican primary opponent, Dave Westlake, has signed a pledge with a special interest group to repeal any health insurance reform bill that passes Congress should he be elected.  Wall has refused to take a position on the Club for Growth pledge. 
“Wisconsin voters deserve to know if Wall is committed to doing the bidding of the special interests who want to kill health care reform,” Tate said.  “Rather than baseless attacks and mudslinging, Wall should just be straight with Wisconsinites: Tell us where you stand.”