Mark Neumann

Feb 21, 2010

Mark Neumann’s Extreme Makeover

He Gets Tax Cuts for Himself and His Wealthy Friends, We Get Fuzzy Ads…

MADISON-When last we saw him grasping for state office, former Congressman Mark Neumann was running an historically negative campaign remarkable for its focus on extremist wedge issues.

In recent months as he tries for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, Neumann has been seen pandering to the fringe “tea party” movement.

So Neumann must have gotten the memo from his high-paid handlers about hiding his extreme views-but his television ad that reportedly begins airing today, the first such advertisement in this year’s gubernatorial race, is just as breathtaking for its hypocrisy.

“Mark Neumann has opposed extending unemployment and health insurance for the people unlucky enough to have lost their jobs and has opposed investments like $820 million in rail money that will create thousands of Wisconsin jobs, so it is the height of arrogance for him to begin his campaign with rhetoric about job creation,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “What he doesn’t say in the outrageously deceptive ad that begins airing today is that the only jobs program he has is to give fat-cat millionaires like himself tax cuts.”

View the ad: