No Answers Still: Walker Fantasy Plan Panned by Own Party

Feb 24, 2010

AP Correction: 

¶ Correction: Governor’s Race story
¶ Eds: Editors who used BC-WI–Governor’s Race, sent Feb. 24 and datelined in Milwaukee, are asked to use the following story.

¶ MILWAUKEE (AP) _ In a Feb. 24 story about opponents criticizing the job plan of gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, The Associated Press erroneously reported that Republican Party spokeswoman Kristin Ruesch acknowledged the plan was short on details. It was Walker, not Ruesch, who said that.


No Answers Still: Walker Fantasy Plan Panned by Own Party

New DPW Web Page Tracks Walker Jobs Deceptions

MADISON-Even the spokeswoman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin is admitting that Scott Walker’s fantastical job claims are plucked from thin air.

In an Associated Press dispatch yesterday, the RPW’s Kristin Ruesch acknowledged that the fantasy jobs plan “was short on details,” a day after Walker went before a business group to claim he would create 10,000 businesses and 250,000 jobs.

It’s just the latest unintended reaction to Walker’s jobs ploy, unveiled Tuesday, which is receiving bipartisan bad reviews.

“Everyone with eyes to see now realizes Scott Walker has zero plan.  Walker has created not one job during his tenure, has zero credibility when it comes to job creation and is getting zero traction for making things up.”
In damage-control mode yesterday, the Walker camp made a series of disjointed claims in trying to rebut the growing chorus of criticism, not just for his imaginary plans, but for his documented, abysmal record on job creation, both of which the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is tracking at

Faced with mounting criticism, the Walker campaign yesterday claimed an imaginary role in securing 800 Republic Airways jobs last year and, to top it off, took credit for airport improvements that were the result of a Milwaukee County blueprint that dates to 1992.
In fact, it was Tom Barrett-not Walker-who took the leadership role in creating M7, the economic development group that kept and brought 1600 Republic Airways jobs to Wisconsin.

And what the Walker publicity shop did not mention yesterday was the GOP gubernatorial candidate’s characterization of M7’s efforts to attract jobs to Wisconsin as “putting lipstick on a pig.”  Neither did Walker recount his de-funding of economic development programs in Milwaukee County, or his opposition to $820 million in rail investments in Wisconsin that will create thousands of jobs.

“If Scott Walker thought he was going to get away with opposing jobs for an entire career and then striking a pose as someone who could create jobs, it looks like even folks from his own party aren’t buying it,” Tate said.