Not One Job Created

Feb 22, 2010

Not One Job Created

“Big Talker” Scott Walker Strikes Again

MADISON – He has created not one job during his tenure and has instead been actively hostile to jobs-creation programs but on Tuesday “Big Talker” Scott Walker made more wildly hypocritical claims about jobs creation.


This time it was before Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, where in a speech he downplayed his past record while claiming he could wish 10,000 new businesses into existence.


“Big Talker Scott Walker has created not one job during his tenure,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate said in response.


Not a single person in Milwaukee County is employed because of Scott Walker, he hasn’t attracted any jobs to Milwaukee, none, zero. He cuts programs designed to create jobs, mocks groups like Milwaukee 7 which have brought hundreds of jobs to Wisconsin, and seeks to turn down investments like $820 million in rail money that would result in thousands of jobs in Wisconsin.”


As Milwaukee County executive, the GOP gubernatorial candidate mocked Milwaukee 7 as “lipstick on a pig,” though that group was essential in bringing firms like Republic Air and the Ingeteam wind turbine firm to town. Walker let the Private Industry Council run fallow -eventually taken over by the City of Milwaukee. Walker’s own economic development division repeatedly saw its budget cut and understaffed. And, most recently, Walker has led the push against the massive investments in high-speed rail that even by conservative estimates would create thousands of Wisconsin jobs.


“Once again, Scott Walker talks big about creating jobs, but we know he has failed at creating any,” Tate said.