Scott Walker Public Safety Incompetence: This Time It

Feb 08, 2010

Scott Walker Public Safety Incompetence:

This Time It’s the Paramedics

MADISON-Are paramedic services the next public safety investment to be slashed under Scott Walker’s disastrous budget management?

That’s the worry of Milwaukee County officials who voiced their fears at a Monday intergovernmental meeting, as reported in today’s edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. [Source: “Milwaukee County community leaders worry about paramedic funding,”Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/8/10]

“Scott Walker’s priorities jeopardize public safety,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Be it furloughs for deputies who patrol our streets, cuts in funding for paramedics to take the sick and injured to hospitals or even diminished hours for the courthouse clerks who sign arrest warrants and protective orders, Scott Walker’s ineptness is bleeding over into every area of public safety in Milwaukee County.”



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