Will Wall Follow Westlake and Repeal Health Care Reform?

Feb 09, 2010

Will Wall Follow Westlake and Repeal Health Care Reform?

MADISON – Republican Senate Candidate Dave Westlake has signed a pledge with a special interest group to repeal any health insurance reform bill that passes Congress should he be elected. Westlake’s primary opponent, Terrence Wall, has not signed theClub for Growth pledge.


“Will Terrence Wall follow Dave Westlake’s lead and take the same vow to repeal health insurance reform?” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, “Wisconsin voters deserve to know if Wall is committed to doing the bidding of the special interests who want to kill health care reform.”


Wall has said “our (health care) system isn’t broken,”and the Associated Press (AP) reported today that Terrence Wall’s first television ad of the 2010 campaign is “misleading.”  The AP analysis of Wall’s ad concludes that Wall misleads voters by saying Feingold “voted for a government takeover of healthcare” when in fact “neither the House nor Senate bill advocates that government take over health care.”


Wall opposes a Senate plan that would do the following:


  • Prevent insurance companies from denying Wisconsin families coverage to due to preexisting conditions.
  • Provide protections that help people maintain coverage when they lose a job or change jobs.
  • Assure patients can see the doctor of their choice.
  • Reduce costs for Wisconsin seniors by bringing more Medicare money to Wisconsin by ending an unfair reimbursement formula that penalized the state.
  • Take the burden of insuring employees off of small businesses.
  • Provide health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents who currently lack coverage.


“Wall opposes these reforms so he needs to tell Wisconsin voters that he will in fact repeal them and take them away,” Tate said, “Whose side is Wall on — insurance companies or Wisconsin families and businesses?”





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