Kiss Me, I

Mar 16, 2010

Kiss Me, I’m Grandstanding
Walker Putting Fat Cat Donors and Politics Ahead of Jobs

MADISON-Scott Walker, who used his first television advertisement to deceive the public about the $50,000 pay raise he gave himself in 2008, now is using the St. Patrick’s Day holiday to stand side-by-side a fat cat donor, a co-chair of his own finance committee, to mask his job creation shenanigans.


Walker was slated to appear at a press conference with $2,500 donor Fred Luber, the Super Steel Corp. chairman who works hand-in-glove with GOP operative and Walker campaign chairman Michael Grebe  to restore to Wisconsin the ruinous Bush-style economic policies favoring fat cats like Luber.


“Scott Walker literally stands up with fat cat donors like Fred Luber, not for the working families of Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday.


Luber’s own spokesman originally said that Super Steel’s economic problems were not the result of a proposed deal with Talgo, the manufacturer that is slated to bring hundreds of jobs to Wisconsin.


But now that Walker is desperate to disprove the mounting evidence that has ruined any credibility on jobs creation, Luber is warbling quite a different tune, attacking the Talgo jobs-creation plan.


“If Scott Walker had his warped way, Super Steel would STILL be in receivership and Talgo would be still be bringing hundreds of jobs to America. The problem is, they would be in Oregon and Illinois-NOT Wisconsin,” Tate said St. Patrick’s Day. “Scott Walker again talks big about job creation but he has wee to show for it.”



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