Neumann In Latest Bizarre Grandstand

Mar 14, 2010

Neumann In Latest Bizarre Grandstand
MADISON-Perennial candidate Mark Neumann engaged in some more of his patented oddball behavior today in a bizarre grandstand at the federal offices of U.S. Rep Gwen Moore, where Neumann and a handful of his supporters dumped hundreds of “petitions,” a majority of which were from people who claimed to live outside of Moore’s district.
The “petitioners'” identities could not be verified because they did not include addresses or signatures.
“Neumann authored not a single piece of legislation to expand or reform health care during his mediocre two terms in Congress. He has provided no specific plan to reduce health care premiums or increase patient control over health care during his latest grasp at high office,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Rep. Moore, meanwhile, has long championed real reform of the health care system and Wisconsin is lucky to have someone like her on the House Budget Committee that today is writing historic reform legislation.”