Only a Matter of Scale

Mar 04, 2010

Only a Matter of Scale:

Failed GOP Executives to Raise Champagne Toasts to Bush Legacy Monday

MADISON-Monied special interests and Scott Walker are holding vigil this weekend for their much-anticipated visit by former Florida Gov. John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, who on Monday will pay tribute to the economic devastation of the Bush legacy at a $2,000 per-table-fundraiser.
Meanwhile, a block away, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will hold its own $10-per-brown-bag supper to launch a new campaign that will highlight the great distance that separates Bush-Walker advocacy for bankers and executives from the interests of working Wisconsinites.
“It will be useful Monday for the working people of Wisconsin to see where Scott Walker stands – not with them, but squarely on the side of Lehman Brothers and special interests,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate said Friday. “Walker will lead the champagne toasts to the Bush economic philosophy that threw families out of their homes and workers out of their jobs so that a greedy few could take more than they will ever need.” 
Since his disastrous stint as governor of Florida – the adoptive state he left in the midst of a historic real estate collapse and record budget deficits-  “Jeb” Bush has cashed in, serving on the boards of the very corporations his skewed policies benefited. Walker recently flew down on a private jet to an $800-per-night resort in Orlando to shake down special interest money.
Both GOP executives are noted for slaking the thirst of their political ambition at the expense of policy and governance.
“When it comes to the ruin brought by Bush and Walker ineptness and their patent indifference to the lives of average working people, the ony distance is a matter of scale,” Tate said.