Reality Star Bedazzles Milwaukee GOP, Criminal Fundraiser

Mar 03, 2010

Reality Star Bedazzles Milwaukee GOP, Criminal Fundraiser

Hearts Throb in Brewtown for “Real World” “Lumberjack”

MADISON-He caught the eye of GOP Gov. Scott McCallum, who appointed him, and half-term governor Sarah Palin, who endorsed him, and now tee-vee reality star Sean Duffy is turning heads miles away in Milwaukee’s Republican Party. 

As they cut Rudolph berry farmer Dan Mielke out of party events, state Republican kaisers already have anointed the celebrity television “lumberjack,” who played that character on MTV’s “The Real World Boston,” as the candidate to run against Dave Obey in the 7th Congressional District.
Now, half a state away, Sean Duffy, the lawyer son, nephew and grandson of lawyers, is courting the adoring gazes of Milwaukee Republicans, who this Saturday will vote to endorse him over a fellow Republican – who was even the party’s Congressional nominee in 2008.  

Duffy is no stranger to bagging money in Milwaukee. Last year he went there under the watchful eye of disgraced criminal fundraiser Mark Block, who threw his own fundraising bash for the reality television contestant last year. Block is the criminal “Tea Party” leader who was fined $15,000 for a scheme in which he funneled money from rich, out-of-state donors to a Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign.  Block was banned from involvement in campaign work because of his criminal enterprises, but surfaced to work for Duffy.

“In some smoke-filled room, the Republican czars have decided to ignore the democratic voice of their members on behalf of a candidate entirely out-of-touch with the working people of northern Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday.  “Shouldn’t northern Wisconsin voters be in charge of picking their own Congressman, not criminal fundraisers or fat cats in Milwaukee?

http://milwaukee.wisgop.info/2010/03/01/proposed-rpmc-resolutions-for-2010/ http://www.onewisconsinnow.org/page/community/post/coryliebmann/C2mj