Mar 17, 2010

Thompson’s March Toward Exploratory Committee: Day 11

Thompson “Disturbed” About Stimulus? Forgets Stimulus-Funded Paychecks


MADISON – Bill McCoshen, health insurance company “Uber-lobbyist” and former aide to Bush Administration Secretary Tommy Thompson (R- DC) has been all over the place lately touting his former boss’s potential run for the U.S. Senate back here in Wisconsin.


When pressed by the media as to Thompson’s motivation behind his possible run, McCoshen said that Thompson is “disturbed” with the direction of the country, and criticized passage of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act – dubbed the ‘stimulus.’ The non-partisan and independent, Congressional Budget Office has said “there were between 1 million and 2.1 million more jobs during the last three months of 2009 than there would have been without the stimulus law.”


What McCoshen didn’t tell people is that many of the interests Thompson has collected paychecks from have benefited from stimulus funding.


“If Thompson’s so upset about the stimulus, then he surely will be asking his clients to return over $15 million in stimulus funds instead of using them to create jobs,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 


Thompson and the Recovery Act

Logistics Health, Inc – Awarded $217,413.40 in Recovery Act Funds

Thompson is the President of Logistics Health, Inc – serving as such since leaving the Bush Administration in 2005. Besides the Recovery Act funds, Logistics Health has more than $800 million in contracts with the agency Thompson lead, the Department of Health and Human Services.


Deloitte – Awarded Over $11.5 million in Recovery Act Funds

As an ‘independent senior advisor’ to Deloitte, Thompson has used his connection at the Department of Health and Human Services to gain more than $120 million in government contracts from HHS alone. Recovery Act projects awarded to Thompson’s Deloitte firms include consulting to the Centers for Disease Controlmedical record privacy complianceprogram management support and information tracking. The cost, without including themany unspecified projects, is about $ 11.5 million dollars.


Unisys Corp – Awarded Over $2 million inRecovery Act Funds

In October 2005, Thompson joined the global public sector advisory board of Unisys, a company specializing in information technology management. According to Citizens for Ethics, only after Secretary Thompson joined the company did they register to lobby his former post at the Department of Health and Human Services.


Novartis – Awarded Nearly $2 million in RecoveryAct Funds

Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, retained Secretary Thompson’s services for $200,000 between 2006 and half of 2009. Thompson also reported between $251,000 and $500,000 in personal stocks from the company.



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